Company profile

Who is ASCO

ASCO is a world class supplier in the design and manufacture of high lift structures, complex mechanical assemblies and major structural components. Asco has worked hard to diversify its customer base within the international Aerospace industry through its ability to offer engineering solutions in a competitive landscape. With this industry leading position comes responsibility, not only to our customers but also to our employees whose careers ASCO cares for and actively promotes though continuous professional training on all elements of relevant and current technical and commercial matters.

ASCO’s professionalism through teamwork, communication, education and training means ASCO attracts the best professionals that want to make the difference in this industry. Asco knows that the continuous development of innovative products and services not only helps its customers meet their objectives but has the added benefit of helping ASCO produce a leaner organization and more environmentally friendly manufacturing techniques whilst securing long term financial strength to the benefit of all stakeholders. In an ever more demanding marketplace, ASCO maintains its focus on on-time delivery within customers’ requirements.

This is part of why precision is our passion.


ASCO is constantly looking for new and innovative technology solutions to support its customers. Continuous Research and Development and partnerships with both our customers and academia as well as ASCO’s own award-winning product lines have helped secure ASCO’s place as a major global company within the International Aerospace community. ASCO believes that precision in the aerospace industry is about focusing on the details as well as maintaining the perspective of the bigger picture. That’s why Asco continues to drive its quality management system and procedures to the highest level and International requirements.


ASCO's strive for excellence in engineering has resulted in Asco winning awards for its innovative products with its customers who are market leaders within the aircraft market ASCO continually looks to the future of the aerospace industry in maintaining and driving the strategy and direction of the company. ASCO’s engineers maintain their excellence in the design and development of high technology applications for high lift devices, complex structural assemblies whilst working towards the use of technologies and processes that result in a greener environment.
ASCO capitalizes on its worldwide recognition and knowledge as an industry benchmark in the design, development, manufacture, treatment and assembly of complex high lift assemblies and critical structural subassemblies, to remain as an industry leader of technological developments within the aerospace industry.


ASCO values relationships, knowing that building strong relationships with customers benefits all parties and maintains the focus on delivering cutting edge high quality technological solutions. Working closely with our customers mobilizes internally our team to value working together,, entrepreneurship and creativity. ASCO looks for professionals who prize a culture based on collaboration and new ideas while seeking new personal challenges to help them develop and fulfill their individual potential and goals.
Being a third generation family business, ASCO understands its responsibility towards its employees, customers and suppliers as well as towards the wider community. ASCO has exacting standards and pursues a continuous development program for all stakeholders in order to produce mutually beneficial relationships.