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ASCO values

ASCO values respect towards customers, suppliers and colleagues. This mutual respect fosters a harmonious working environment and brings benefits to internal and external relations.

In order to satisfy its customers’ needs ASCO embraces a Total Quality approach and feels that this attitude should be passed through all levels of ASCO’s work. Clarity and accuracy across the company are encouraged and the vital importance of teamwork is emphasized.

Being part of the global supply chain of aircraft manufacturing for the long term, innovation, trust and reliability are key. It is summarized under the motto “Precision is our passion”.

Personal motivation, creativity and the initiative of each team member is fostered in order to create an environment to attract the best and brightest professionals within our industry. Asco’s objective is to maintain its own personal industry leading reputation for which it has worked so hard to attain. Good internal communication combined with individual flexibility has a direct impact on the motivation of each staff member. As a result, a positive working environment benefits both our employees and customers. That’s why ASCO develops ongoing training programs that are adapted to the needs of the individual and marketplace with the aim to secure Asco’s future.

ASCO encourages and expects every colleague and supplier to carry out their mandate to take personal responsibility as an entrepreneur to drive the best products and service to our customers. This is a critical element of providing world class service while developing and maintaining an open and trusting relationship with our customer.

ASCO has had over thirty years of growth within the Aerospace Industry based on sound financial management. Profitability is key to maintaining our independence and securing the resources necessary to ensure Asco’s future and worldwide reputation as a high technology, reliable industrial partner for the present and future.

ASCO has always given priority to the respect of the environment and wants to limit and ultimately eliminate the impact its production has on energy and renewable resource consumption. ASCO contributes to wider social aspects by promoting sports and recreation, injury prevention and social activities, charity works, local employment and training.

ASCO’s objective remains to reinforce and expand its position: ASCO wants to be considered an indispensable supplier in this sector. Collaboration with other companies in the aerospace industry has priority: by increasing the number of joint ventures, ASCO can reinforce its position towards its principal customers.

company profile

ASCO mission

ASCO is committed to all its key stakeholders.
To respect all individuals: customers, suppliers, employees and colleagues.