ASCO maintains technological leadership through excellence in engineering and ensures that our engineers are well educated and equipped with the most advanced tools and technology that allows ASCO to develop competitive and award-winning products. Read more


ASCO’s industrialization department defines the means and methods for the start up of new products along with the continuous improvement of existing projects. Read more


ASCO continuously invests in its production facilities and the training of its operators and engineers. ASCO’s teams ensure that the most modern technological developments are implemented in a cost effective way to support its customers requirements. Read more

Supply chain

ASCO’s global production and assembly sites are equipped with state-of-the-art production machinery and are supported by a well regulated quality supply chain. ASCO expects the best from its production and supply chain to produce the best and most reliable products for an ever increasing demanding marketplace Read more


Understanding the challenging requirements of its products, ASCO knows that quality matters. That’s why ASCO’s procedures are maintained to the highestindustrial requirements with ASCO’s quality management system being registered in EN 9100. But quality is not just a certificate; it’s about making sure that everything ASCO does embraces quality and continually aims for excellence. ASCO focuses on Total Quality and continuous improvement in all of its processes and relationships. Read more

Aircraft programs

ASCO looks toward the future of the aerospace industry and looks for new opportunities to develop high technology solutions for new aircraft platforms. That’s why ASCO’s research programs include the development of new concepts using innovative materials and processes. ASCO is working with key customers, major OEMs and academia to pave the way towards a greener aviation via the European Clean Sky research initiatives. Read more