At ASCO we strive for excellence in our engineering by not only designing innovative custom solutions but also targeting tomorrow’s requirements. In close collaboration with its customers ASCO focuses onstaying at the forefront of technological advances.

ASCO maintains its technological leadership through our Research and Development as well as through partnered projects with major global players in both Aircraft original equipment manufacturing companies and research institutions. ASCO aims to improve aircraft performance and meet new tougher regulatory requirements through innovative solutions in reducing the weight and simplifying the design and opernation of our mechanism.

ASCO’s engineering strength comes from making sure its people are among the most talented professionals in industry armed with state of the art tools and training. ASCO engineers have the full understanding and expertise of industry processes, practices and applications.

This constant pursuit of excellence has led to several major awards for innovations and concepts which reduce drag and noise in take-offs and landings from several key aeronautical companies for concepts which reduce drag and noise in take-offs and landings.