ASCO’s global production facilities in Belgium, Germany and Canada reflect its strategy of envisioning customers' current and future expectations while developing mutually beneficial business relationships. In order to continue to fulfill these expectations all of ASCO’s industrial sites are equipped with state-of-the-art production machinery. This way ASCO can produce ever tighter product tolerances on highly complex components in a variety of materials. ASCO is vertically integrated with modern facilities in surface treatment and sub-assembly lines helping to fulfill its customers’ process requirements.

ASCO’s facilities include Manufacturing Execution Systems with on-line production tracking, machine uptime monitoring (OEE) and Statistical Process Control. Uptime of the machines is continuously improved by Total Productive Maintenance programs and Quick Change Over systems (SMED).

ASCO singular focus is on enhancing and upgrading capacity, productivity as well as quality and efficiency using the newest most modern machines so we may continue improve quality while driving down costs. Continuously, all the time! To this end ASCO aggressively re invests in our production facilities and in its operators and engineers.

ASCO enables its team to independently organize processes and initiate quality improvements under the guidance of skilled and highly experienced project managers.