Production Supervisor OU1

Production Supervisor OU1

What did you study and why?

I went to school at Don Bosco Woluwe. I studied Metalics and I followed a seventh specialization year on CNC operations.

What were you looking for in your (first) job?

Before I started in Asco I worked as interim in a company that was already active in the aviation sector. They produce lights for the landing strips in airports. I worked there about a year. But because I only received temporary contracts I stopped working there. My brother worked at that time already in Asco, so I wanted to start there as well because Asco could guarantee me more stability and possibilities to grow. 

What was your first impression of Asco as employer and how did things go during your first few weeks/months?

I started in Asco 2 as a CNC operator in 1998 and my first impression of Asco was that the CNC machines are much more sophisticated than the machines I was used to work with. Asco is a large company with many departments, with really impressive machines. We produce large pieces with high precision. During my first weeks I also noticed a friendly environment where everyone helped each other.

What is the exact content of your job and how do you see yourself evolving in Asco?

Since 1 year I’m working as Production Supervisor. Before that I have been a Process Technician during 5 years. I’m really happy that I had the chance to become Supervisor. I’m working in the Operating Unit 1 (Asco 1) and I’m responsible for around 52 Operators and 2 Process Technicians. I have to lead, coordinate, analyze and adjust all production-related activities in my area and shifts in order to produce sufficient products in safe working conditions, while making sure that this occurs in a quality- and cost efficient manner within the foreseen timeframe and with the best possible human relations. 

Can you briefly explain the operation of your department?

I work in work shop Asco 7 in Operating Unit 1, where we produce pieces for the Boeing 737, carriages Portland (Flap tracks) and other parts for Boeing 747/800. 

Why is Asco the right choice for you?

I think Asco is the right choice for me because it gives me work stability. Besides this I enjoy the fact that Asco is always working with new techniques and you don’t see this often that a Belgian company is using these techniques. Also the fact that I live very close to Asco and that I can come to work by bike is an advantage for me. This gives me more time to train for my hobby (mountainbike).

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