Senior Recruiter

Senior Recruiter

What did you study and why?

I studied sociology at the KULeuven. My choice was based on the fact that I was much more interested in human sciences than in positive sciences. At that time I doubted between the studies of sociology and psychology. In my master years, I have chosen the option Labor Sociology because I knew at that time already that I wanted to work in a HR department.

What were you looking for in your job?

I have always worked in HR and my interest goes especially to the ‘soft’ HR domain. Recruitment & selection was my first love, and I wanted to return to this. In my opinion the success of a company starts with hiring the right person. If you don’t hire the right profiles, it is very difficult or even impossible to reach the targets of the organization.

What was your first impression of Asco as employer and how did things go during your first few weeks/months?

The first thing that stroke me was the fact that everyone was very friendly. It started already at the security, but also if you walk the ‘Asco street’ or if you walk in the work
shops everyone says hello even people whom you don’t know. In the beginning Asco was a little bit too big for me. It took a while before I started to know the colleagues outside HR department and even today I still don't know everybody personally. People are also very proud to work in the company.

As you can imagine, I am not a technical person and it also took a while before I started to understand the responsibilities of the different departments. But luckily everyone was and is still very helpful and willing to explain what they are doing exactly.

What is the exact content of your job and how do you see yourself evolving in Asco?

As senior recruiter I am responsible for the recruitment & selection activities for white collar employees. The aim is to organize and to perform the recruiting & selection activities in line with the business needs. I want to become a business partner and I also play a role in the retention process.

Can you briefly explain the operation of your department?

I work in the Human Resources department. This department is responsible for the salary administration, recruitment, training, development of the personnel. Maintaining
a good relationship and negotiations with the unions is also an important activity. But we will not forget the safety & health department : SAFETY FIRST. In total we are working with 12 persons and Mrs Welvaert is our HR director.

Why is Asco the right choice for you?

I really like what I am doing (interviewing internal and external candidates). Every interview is different and I learn from every interview. I like the friendly way of
communicating with each other and I am also pleased with the fact that we are a multicultural company where we always find a common language to communicate. I am also happy that I improved my French.

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