Build to Print

ASCO has global reputation in its Design and ‘Build to Customer’s Print’ manufacturing and assembly. It is ranked by Flight International as one of the worldwide Aerospace Top 100 Companies. Its experience complex high-precision, 5 axis components produced from primarily metallic components in both hard (titanium and steels) and light metal (Aluminum, Alu-Li) alloys.

Landing Gear

Asco works on the co-development of new products with larger aircraft Landing Gear 'Tier-1' system suppliers such as Messier-Dowty (SAFRAN) and Goodrich. ASCO’s facilities machine and provide complex sub assemblies of critical structural components of both Nose and Main (Body, Wing) landing gear systems for the worldwide fleet of commercial jets (Airbus, Boeing).

Structural Parts

In addition to its dominant presence in the Wings and Landing Gears structure of and aircraft, ASCO supplies a variety of primary and secondary structural engineering components and assemblies for critical fuselage structure, flight system interfaces and attachments.


ASCO manufactures critical structural components and assemblies for the Fuselage including spars, ribs, bulkheads, profiles, and frames.. Weight, an ever important element in the design of an aircraft, is driving the increased use of composites titanium and lightweight metals such as aluminum lithium. Asco’s modern production facilities are equipped for the high speed machining and production of components in these metallic alloys.

Interfaces / Attachments

Capitalizing on its industry-wide ‘Center of Excellence and cost competitive reputation for the industrialization of hard metals, particularly titanium, ASCO enjoys significant market share in the production of a a variety of flight and safety critical (Class I) structural applications such as engines, pylon attachments and landing gear attachments.