Design and Build

ASCO is always working to build upon its established worldwide market position in ‘High Lift’ devices: deployment mechanisms and support systems for the WING’s movable Leading Edge Slats and Trailing Edge Flaps. ASCO is continually developing technology to improve the aerodynamics of an aircraft resulting in improved fuel economy and the overall ecological footprint. This is why ASCO is now the preferred partner for the design and manufacturing of enhanced Lift and Landing solutions for most the world’s commercial aircraft fleet. Historically Asco worked exclusively on commercial aircraft programs, Asco is now a primary supplier in several modern military aircraft programs for primary critical structure.

During the Concept Design Phase (CDP) ASCO’s Design and Stress engineers work on new aircraft technology concepts, either on-site, integrated in customer’s design teams (“plateau”), or in WING’s development team. Here ASCO’s engineers are responsible for concept and detailed design, including verification tests, final release and review authorization of 3-D Models in media such CATIA and Enovia.

Leading Edge - Slat Mechanisms

‘Tracks, Racks and Pinions’ are primarily produced on state-of-the-art (HPM) high performance milling of high strength utilizing high alloy steels and titanium alloys. Key material improvement (heat treatment) and surface enhancement (corrosion) treatments are added prior to the assembly of the slat mechanism.

Trailing Edge - Flap Supports

ASCO designs and manufactures a wide variety of Flap Support Systems on commercial and regional jets, from very large commercial aircraft to large business jets. ASCO is also responsible for the design and manufacturing of flap support systems, landing gear, and major aircraft structural bulkheadson Military aircraft such as the Airbus A400M.