About ASCO


The firm was founded by Emile Boas Senior and followed by Roger Boas. Some people evoked the career of Mr. Emile and Roger Boas, rightfully proud of the success of their company which represented all their life. They were never ashamed to speak about the difficulties they met at the beginning before achieving success. Thanks to their intelligence, they combined their energy with a great sense of business and with great negotiation qualities. Men of ambition and challenges, they never hesitated to take risks that were necessary to achieve all that we have become today. Asco is still privately owned and independent based in Belgium, Germany and Canada and is still controlled by his descendants. Read more

Company profile

ASCO Industries is a world leader in the design and manufacture of high lift devices, complex mechanical assemblies and major functional components for the aerospace industry.

From initial concept generation, research and development, through the detailed engineering and configuration alignment with its customers’ assembly lines, ASCO looks to build strong longlasting relationships with our customers. Read more

Mission and Values

Our philosophy is simple: it is based on precision at all levels. Precision by people and of our machines, whatever role they both have, taking into account the means we as a company put at their disposal.

Our company has one main rule of conduct: to be the leader of technological progress. Our production methods should meet the most demanding world industry standards.

Indeed, our company is specialized in a sector where we will continue to master the most advanced techniques. This is how we have achieved the global recognition we enjoy today.

Asco’s customer base includes the most prestigious names in commercial aerospace industry. Read more