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ASCO's production facilities in Belgium, Germany, Canada and USA , reflect its strategy of envisioning customers' current and future expectations while developing mutually beneficial business relationships. In order to continue to fulfill these expectations ASCO's industrial sites are equipped with state-of-the-art production machinery. This way ASCO can produce ever tighter product tolerances on highly complex components in a variety of materials. ASCO integrates modern facilities in surface treatment and sub-assembly helping to fulfill its customers' process requirements.

ASCO's facilities include Manufacturing Execution Systems with on-line production tracking, machine uptime monitoring (OEE) and Statistical Process Control. Uptime of the machines is continuously improved by Total Productive Maintenance programs and Quick Change Over systems (SMED).

ASCO singular focus is on enhancing and upgrading capacity and productivity as well as quality and efficiency using the newest machines so to improve quality while driving down costs. Continuously, all the time! To this end ASCO aggressively invests in its production facilities, its operators and engineers.

To achieve its ambitious company targets Asco regards its qualified employees as its most important asset and as the guarantee for success. If you are interested to join a dynamic company offering interesting challenges then this is the right place for you. For our team we are repeatedly looking for new members who are highly motivated and show a high level of passion. Furthermore, we are for more than four decades active in the area of in house education. Our current open vacancies can be found in the sectioncareers ". We are looking forward to you!

Asco Industries - Zaventem

Asco's headquarters, administrative offices and Belgian production site are located in Zaventem, near to Brussels, the capital of Europe.
ASCO Industries is a world leader in the design and manufacture of high lift devices, complex mechanical assemblies and major functional components for the aerospace industry.
From initial concept generation, research and development, through the detailed engineering and configuration alignment with its customers' assembly lines, ASCO looks to build strong longlasting relationships with our customers.

Asco Deutschland - Gedern

Asco Deutschland GmbH is located in Gedern, in the Frankfurt Rhine-Main metropolitan region and is the center of excellence for the high-speed cutting of large and complex aluminum structural parts and extruded profiles.

Asco Aerospace Canada - Vancouver

Asco Canada is located in Delta, British Columbia close to the Vancouver International airport and the Washington state border. The facility specializes in very large complex high speed aluminum and complex hard metal machining and assembly.

Asco Aerospace USA - Stillwater

ASCO USA is located in Stillwater, Oklahoma. With a manufacturing space of 715000 square feet, the facility will have the capability to process material into a completed component all under one roof.